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A Catholic Education

As a Catholic institution, Gannon University uses 2,000 years of Christian learning, scholarship, and tradition to create a framework for exploring the meaning, value, and dignity of human life while reaching toward the divine. We encourage a search for truth by exploring the nature of life’s purpose and value the importance of working to fulfill one’s own potential as well as helping others do the same.

In higher education, we appreciate the complementary nature of faith and reason: we believe that as we learn more, our faith is deepened, and as our faith becomes deeper, we are prepared to learn more. Faith, truth, and values become touchstones in our increasingly complex world, and are important elements of the University’s goals to prepare its students for the personal and professional challenges they face.

While many of our students identify themselves as Catholic, many come from other religious and spiritual backgrounds and traditions. Gannon welcomes people of all faiths to join the University community on our quest to better ourselves and our world.

Learn more about what it means to study at a Catholic university. Request more information or call us at 877-497-5854 to speak with an admissions advisor.