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Further Your Education at Gannon University

Gannon’s mission is to prepare students for leadership roles in their jobs, communities, and churches through a liberal arts curriculum steeped in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The quest to understand humanity, society, ethics and values is a guiding principle of the University and is woven into the fabric of our programs.

Gannon University faculty members are responsible for helping to bring this concept to life through a commitment to continuing excellence in teaching, scholarship, and research. Equally important to a successful and enjoyable learning experience is Gannon’s environment of inclusiveness and diversity, where the different insights, experiences, and perspectives of your classmates add to discussions and promote a rich learning environment. Finally, our staff is dedicated to providing the support, service and guidance you need, from the point of admissions to your day of graduation.

Visit our Accreditations and Rankings page for more reasons why Gannon is a smart choice to further your education and position yourself for career success. If you’d like to know more about the university and what we offer to adult working students, contact us at 877-497-5854 or request more information.