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Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers recognize the benefits of having employees who seek to further their education. It’s expensive and time-consuming to find and train good employees. As an existing and valued employee, by adding to and updating your skills and knowledge, you’re helping your employer’s organizational performance and maybe even the bottom line.

Some employers offer official tuition reimbursement programs for all or part of your costs. Check with your benefits department to see if this is that case. If not, you may still be able to work out an arrangement. Think about telling your employer about how your studies include real-world perspectives and applications that will help you work more efficiently and productively and that the online programs at Gannon University are designed specifically for busy adults with full-time jobs.

If you do take part in a reimbursement plan, Gannon offers a deferment option. For plans that cover 100% of your tuition, you can defer the balance of your tuition until the end of the semester by making a down payment of $100. For plans that offer partial reimbursement, you can defer the portion of the tuition being covered by your employer. No interest will be charged.

To find out more about options for employer tuition reimbursement, call us at 877-497-5854 to speak to an admissions advisor or request more information.